About us

ABOUT TATTE Founder Tzurit Or started Tatte Bakery & Café in 2007, baking 20 hours a day in her home kitchen and selling her delicious creations to Boston farmers’ markets. After only one summer, Tatte expanded to its first brick-and-mortar bakery in Brookline, Massachusetts. When she opened her very first location she wanted it to feel welcoming, to create a sense of home, a sense of belonging as if someone was hugging you. She has since opened fifteen Tatte bakeries but the aim has always remained the same; each Tatte has its own individual sense of identity, feel and style but they all stay true to the original spirit – to what Tatte is all about.

Our mission is to inspire, care for and touch every person, neighborhood and city with our experience and through our food, our passion, and our culture. Tzurit would like to bring Tatte to as many markets as possible, to share that unique experience, the food, the pastries and the atmosphere that Tatte brings to every location we open.


ABOUT TZURIT Tatte’s founder Tzurit Or is a self-taught pastry chef. Growing up in Israel, Tzurit baked alongside her mother for family members, neighbors, and large community events. Baking became an important part of Tzurit’s adult life as well; a way of honoring her roots and the recipes that shaped her youth. After receiving her degree in management and communications, Tzurit enjoyed a successful 12-year career as an acclaimed film producer. When she moved to the United States in 2003, Tzurit was ready for a change. She applied all of her budgeting, planning, and production experience to founding Tatte and returning to her first love – baking. Since then, the Tel Aviv-born chef has opened fifteen shops in Massachusetts and become renowned for her beautiful, delicious pastries and extraordinary – one of a kind concept. Tzurit is thrilled to continue sharing Tatte with a wider audience and credits her enthusiastic supporters with Tatte’s success: “I am lucky to have the best team and customers who supported me from the beginning when my shop was just a farm stand.”

Tatte’s food, cakes, tarts, and pastries owe their exceptional look and flavor to carefully-sourced raw ingredients, crafting bold combinations of flavors and textures from around the globe, Tzurit’s culinary artistry, and a passionate and talented team of people.